*Lashes and skincare services are only offered in our Milford, PA location.

homegrown radiance

self care is the best care

Making time to take care of yourself and your skin is not selfish. It is important to your well-being. Finding time for a skin care routine is as easy as adding 5 minutes to brushing your teeth. Getting facials, peels, microdermabrasion treatments, or light therapy will all make your home care routine that much more valuable.

Here at Amy Kernahan Studios, we have formulated a skin care line with a dermatologist to suit the needs of our clientele. We have a bio-marine line of products that will truly provide results in just the first uses. Chemical free products can be very effective when formulated properly.

Our highly trained estheticians can provide thorough services with visible results.


Life is short … lashes don’t have to be!

wake up and makeup… or dont!

Lash extensions are a girl’s best friend. We are able to create luscious lash lines that will amplify any look. Not having to worry about the raccoon eyes before happy hour is a wonderful thing!

Lash extensions are very similar to hair extension in application, they are applied to each individual lash with a special formulated adhesive. The natural lashes fall our and REGROW every 28 days, which is why lash extensions require 2-4 week infills.

Having lashes applied is simple and non-damaging to the natural lash. It will give you freedom to live your adventures and not worry about checking your under eyes for smudges!

Our seasoned lash artists will be able to guide you to the appropriate length and shape for your face! So ladies, may your lashes be long and your coffee be strong!



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Sabrina is a perfectionist! She does such an amazing job and takes her time. I love not having to worry about my makeup in the morning. These lashes are addicting! I recommend her to anyone looking to feel more beautiful and enhance their lash style.. anything from natural to dramatic, she knows what shes’s doing!
— Alissa Michelle